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Late Summer 2017


As August ends and September begins  the weather changes too and Atlantic fronts come and go - giving the air a fresher cooler feel.


Birds that came here to breed and those that ventured further north, have started to move south again before the winter.


Many hundreds Manx Shearwaters are moving south off the west coast of the Outer Hebrides, along with numerous Gannets, Skuas and Storm Petrels. We get superb views of these flocks - when westerly winds push them closer to shore.


Black Tailed Godwits are on the islands in good numbers too, and one or two rarer waders - Buff Breasted Sandpipers, and Sharp Tailed Sandpiper. 


Our Swallows are still here - but the Terns have gone south along with the Sand Martins.


Flocks of Redwing have begun to arrive from further north and some will winter here- others head south into England or over the Irish Sea for their winter quarters.


The moorland hillsides are purple with heather and the moorgrasses orange and red as the chlorophyl recedes - making the uplands glow in the evening light.


The last of the harvests are in now and livestock return to the machair.